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Company description

صلاح ستيل
  • The establishment started its activity in 2009 as a small facility and equipment that used in slicing metal sheet. The establishment was registered after a year and a half of its establishment. It began to expand and purchase equipment for slicing and shaping Chinese, Qandil, Russian and European metal sheet of all kinds, such as galvanized metal sheet, cold metal sheet, pickled metal sheet, as well as hot metal sheet.

  • We have become specialized in slicing all metal sheet types and sizes in the markets, and thus the production quotas of the institution and the quotas of buying and selling have been expanded. The establishment enjoys a good reputation in the field of sheet metal and metals in the Egyptian markets and has a large base of customers and major companies specialized in this field such as Kandil Steel Company, Kama Metal Works, Gulf Metal and Egypt Steel.

Our values

Preserving the environment and community development, contributing in projects and initiatives aimed at educating the community and raising the level.

Commitment to occupational and industrial health and safety standards, commitment to occupational and industrial health and safety standards, adherence to quality standards and provide products that conform to the approved specifications and standards, which contributes to the development of this industry and the improvement and development of our equipment and operating systems used while preserving the protection of the surrounding environment and the safety of workers and contributing to the development of society in accordance with the approved regulations and systems.

Our vision

Our organization is looking forward to build business relationships with our customers and suppliers, and providing high-quality metal sheet products through advanced systems, modern machines, and qualified employees and building a greater bridge of trust between us and all our customers in the field of slicing, operating and shaping metal sheets.

Our objectives

Salah Steel Corporation for Modern Industries would like to contribute an effective role in the development and operation of sheet metal slicing systems. It would also like to contribute in spreading the knowledge in this field, as well as all industries supporting the production and operation of metal sheet.

We also look forward to achieving the greatest possible transfer and exchange of experiences and communication with all partners of the production network in the local and international market, which aims to increase the quality standards of the Egyptian product and encourage the increase of intellectual, material and professional investment.

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